a stunning loch

Loch of Stenness

water managed by Orkney Trout Fishing Association

High alkalinity Shallow Moderate shoreline complexity Low elevation Large
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Stenness is the least fished of the main Orkney lochs probably because it is most difficult to come to terms with. Its unique semi-marine environment dictates that it is very much affected by the state and height of the tides, causing wide fluctuations in water height and salinity in the loch, both of which have a marked affect on the resident trout population. Most regular Stenness anglers tend to fish it from the shore and when the
loch is at its lowest. Due to the fact that there are virtually no offshore skerries and the fish tend to feed in very shallow water, wading can be very good especially in the expansive shallows of Deepdale, Voy and Brodgar. A floating or intermediate line is all that is required and make sure you fish right up to the buttercups as the fish will sometimes be feeding in their own depth of water. Sticklebacks, possum shrimp, snails, corophium and shrimp are top of the trout’s menu and flies to represent these can be good but Stenness trout seem to respond to more outlandish, fluorescent, gaudy patterns maybe more at home on a southern reservoir. The trout can range from the 8-10 oz average to the “Holy Grail” in Orkney angling, the 4lb plus yellowbelly. At times, usually following high tides, sea trout in the 1-2lb category can add spice to the day.

  • Mainland, Orkney
  • Lake
  • Brown trout and Sea trout



Permission & Tickets

Membership of the OTFA is the most active way for the individual angler to support the essential work of conservation and preservation of the trout fishing in Orkney.
For a nominal sum of money, local and visiting anglers may use all the facilities of the association and also ensure the future of some of the best wild trout fishing available.

More information about becoming a member can be found on the association website

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